13/09/2014 02:12

Investigating the Paycheck Range of the Hotel Office manager

A hotel manager salary has to be good enough to compensate all the efforts that a hotel manager would face in his job area as he would surely have to deal with a lot of headaches and challenges. The range of the salary would also depend as to the rate of the hotel whether it's a five star, a three start or whatsoever. It also depends on the country or location.

The work loads of hotel managers in every hotel also differ depending on the number of rooms the hotel has so, the salary of the hotel manager is also dependent on this matter.

The responsibilities of the hotel manager would also depend on how big the hotel is because a hotel that's big would surely mean that there's a lot of rooms to manage and monitor and there's a lot of people that would be under him.

In this matter, the salaries of their employees are always dependent to the discretion of the owners and the persons who are managing their hotels for them, and so if the owners or the management of the hotel are thrifty then there is a great chance that the employees receive less than the required minimum pay.

For those who are lucky enough, hotel manager salary range comes to be higher than expected and those are given by owners of hotels that are generous enough and understand how efforts come from the manager. Sadly, there are also some owners of hotels who thinks that since they are paying much, the employees as well as the manager of their hotel are to work more hours, even more than what has only been required.

In this type of hotels where give and take took place between and among employees and employers, each of the employees especially the managers really feel some sense of responsibilities to be more progressive in their positions.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel manager salary range also depends on the type of hotel. Hotels that are classified to be 5-star surely gives the best salary range while those at lower class gives a fair salary range. Some don't. In an average, most hotel managers have a salary range of $40,000 to $60,000 per year. If we calculate their monthly pay, that's around 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

For hotel managers who are still under and general manager, they can be getting a salary range lower than expected because it's again affected by the organizational structure.